Progressive Overload in Your Training

As a coach it is our job to design a program for you based on:

  • Your current fitness level
  • Goals set
  • Availability to train

In order for an athlete to improve their fitness level, a coach will give them sessions and weeks of training designed to slowly increase either the volume or intensity in each given sport. This is coupled with sufficient recovery to ensure you are capable & healthy enough to complete the next session or training block.

Each individual athlete is different in their above mentioned goals, fitness and availability. Your coach will manipulate sessions and the structure of the week to consider these factors but get the most out of your training.

Below is a diagram showing how your body will adapt to the training load if planned & followed correctly. Finding the balance between enough recovery and also an increase in training is important to achieving the improvement in baseline fitness. All going well this will positively influence your result on race day.

Training Progressive Overload

Source: Road Cycling UK- Train Hard Recover Stronger

The take home message here is:

  • Identify key sessions where there is an increase in volume and/or intensity and aim to achieve the goals of these sessions
  • Ensure you have sufficient recovery between sessions to allow for training adaptations to occur. This can be active or passive recovery and will be included in your program.
  • If you miss a session, don’t try and make up the session. Contact your coach and ask for advice.

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