Running Technique – Posture

When reviewing triathletes and runner’s technique, posture is one of the most common changes we look at implementing. A change in posture usually brings about a few other changes including foot strike which is important in injury prevention.

Aim to:

  • Think “run tall”
  • Align ankle, hip, shoulder and ear in a straight line
  • Lean forward from ankles (not hips)
  • Strike the ground under your shoulders (not out in front – overstride)
  • Engage abdominals & glutes to maintain this position


  • Sitting back
  • Letting your lazy glue muscles switch off
  • Increasing stride length too much

Improve Your Running Technique

GPC offers a running technique analysis service for free at our training camps and track running sessions throughout summer. This includes video and one on one analysis. You can also book an appointment with Coach Kate for an individual session or with The Injury Clinic Geelong.

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