I was shit scared!
The swim, a non wet suit swim – I don’t remember the last time I raced with no wetsuit!!! I was prepared for a slow swim haha but I actually surprised myself and felt good on the swim! One way out and back is two very long straight lines in the open water! I just kept jumping on feet where I could and came out of the water in just over and hour!
It was already stinking hot by 8.30am for the start of the ride! ? I felt ok but not amazing I could feel the heat on me and I was having to work harder!! I knew this was going to be a long ride to Hawi and back so I just thought I’ll control what I can and that’s to get my nutrition right! That’s all I focused on!!
My family were somewhere out on the bike course and I couldn’t wait to see them! When I finally did see them it gave me some extra energy!
Turning around at Hawi was great, tail wind for about 15-20kms before we hit a head wind all the way home for the last 58kms!
My feet were killing me and the girls out on course were strong!!
When I finally got to the airport I knew I was nearby there finally! But, with about 2kms before T2 I got a flat!! Disappointing but it is what it is and I had to change it which I hate doing haha
Into T2 I was pretty cooked already and I sat down to put my shoes to find I had been given the wrong run bag! I had to wait for the volunteers to go and find my correct bag! I saw it as a good opportunity to be out of the heat and get as much fluid into me as possibly.
Finally I’m ready and heading out onto the run course. I knew straight away it was going to be a long way to get to that finish line. I started out at 5min pace, I was happy. But after about 10kms in the heat, no shade I was really feeling the heat! It slowed me down. I almost dropped to a walk going up Palani drive but I was determined to not stop running! Heading out to the energy lab was really tough! It was hilly and hot and the road never seemed to end. I just focused on getting to the next aid station to keep my mind distracted. I knew my family were at the energy and I just wanted to see them so badly. The energy lab scared me and there were people walking everywhere and on the side of the road. I was still determined to not stop running.
I finally made it to the energy lab where I saw my family and it really brightened me up!! It was amazing!
In and out of the energy lab in about 40mins and I felt like I’d been put through the ringer. I was totally cooked. I didn’t know if I was going to make the last 12kms!
I kept pushing on and still determined to keep running I just focused on making it to each aid station again for the run home!
My feet were covered in blisters and my hip was so sore! I finally made it to the top of Palani for the last 2kms. I really wanted to enjoy these last couple kms and soak up this experience!
I had tears in my eyes and my sister pushed me along to get to the finishers shute. It had now just gone dark and the spectators were amazing!
I had the finishers Shute and I couldn’t believe I was actually here, I did it!!!! The energy, emotion and atmosphere is indescribable!
My family were on the fence right at the end and I was crying as I was running past to get to the finish line!
I have so much respect now for any athlete who makes it and completes Kona Ironman! There is nothing else like it and it will test you in every way!
I was in good shape and I still struggled a lot. I am forever grateful for getting there!
Steph and all athletes I trained with gave me the ability and push I needed to get through on that one day!
An experience I will never forget!!