I have spent a fair bit of time on this as I’m constantly asked about this. I have written down what I do and what works for me. Everyone is different and some things night not work for you. You need to consider this advice in light of your own medical advice and circumstances.

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As you get older, your body slows down & tends to hold onto fat more, you don’t burn as many calories while resting, also due to muscle loss. This phenomena is called metabolism…A good & quick article below from the livestrong foundation…


There are ways to fight this and this is what works for me. It might not work for you but it might be worth trying if you are trying to get rid of those last unwanted kilos. I lost 10kgs in two months this year doing this:

  1. Train on an empty stomach as much as possible
  2. You will start burning fats after 5min instead of 45min
  3. This means no liquid energy either but water is recommended
  4. Make sure you start with only 30min and increase 15% per work out
  5. No longer than 90min then start eating + drinking sport drink and eat + drink lots
  6. Do not do this the week leading into a big races or only 30min if you do
  7. Do not do this if you are sick or run down
  8. Try and keep a lid on intensity when you do empty stomach
  9. This will also make you physically & mentally stronger
  10. If you struggle, take it easy as it will still be beneficial


BUT, it is important to do the medical follow up part as well. When you wake up, take the following with a big glass of water:

  • 1 caps of Cenovis Guarana 2000 & ginseng 500
  • 2 caps of Blooms Green tea 5000
  • 2 caps of Blooms Acetyl L-Carnitine 500

If you want to keep it more natural, you can get up and have a large cup of black & green tea (no milk, sugar, honey or lemon) but you still need to take to Carnitine tab. You need to take the Guarana, Green tea and the Carnitine PM before training again, even if you have no training planned…


What you do after your ES work out is important as well. You still have to eat well and control your carb intake if you want to lose weight. The following products from Cabot will help.

Their low carb protein bars and powder taste amazing. Also, by taking the liva tone, you give your liver & body a cleansing that is often needed J Take this before going to bed…



The following two products really work for me. I take them two months out from a big event.

Echinacea will help your immune system and your red blood cell production & the V-drive will help raise testosterone & promote your metabolism naturally.

These following two, I take all year round. Q10 is great for stamina, endurance and the heart muscle & Magnesium is a muscle + nerve relaxant.

The Krill oil is essential for bones, joint, heart and the multi vitamins will cover some areas where over cultivated/cooked nutrition can lack these days


As soon as you feel like you are getting sick, get onto natural therapies to get better and to avoid drugs. There is nothing wrong with Panadol if you are getting sick or with aspirin if your muscles are sore or you have a bad head-ache but the following treatments really help as long you get onto them quickly and take a high dosage for a few days…

Train safe 🙂