Cycle Skills for Triathlon

Heading into winter, this is the perfect time to brush up on your bike skills. Improving your skills on the bike can help avoid accidents and allow you to hold speed when cornering and accelerating.

Important Bike Skills for Triathletes:

  1. Riding in a Straight Line: Ride through a set of cones approx. 30cm apart. Aim to avoid hitting the cones, increase your speed, ride through one handed, reaching for something in your pocket, taking a drink or doing a head check.
  2. Accelerations: Put your bike into the hardest gear you an manage. Stand up out of your seat and accelerate driving down on the pedals using your body weight to produce more power. Once you can do this effectively, attempt this out of sharp turns.
  3. Turns at Pace: Use 90-degree & 180 degree turns. Aim to execute the turn in one smooth arc, adjustments to speed should occur prior to entering the turn, look ahead through the corner. Lift inside leg, outside leg straight with weight over big toe of outside leg. Drop inside elbow & push on handlebars and lean into turn.

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