Forgotten Tips for Ironman

Ironman is all about training, pacing and nutrition right? These tips are often not talked about that could easily ruin your race.

1. Drink Bottles

Heard of anyone dropping or losing their carefully planned nutrition on race day? The result is usually not great. Often this formula has been carefully trialled and practised over the last few months and to loose it is bad news. Do you really want to rely on half strength electrolyte from the aid stations?

To avoid this:

  • Buy a front aero bottle that is secure and has the ability to store spare formula to add to water as required
  • Secure two bidons to your seat with a tight cage, elastics and velcro
  • Pour formula into your front aero bottle to ensure you only need to remove the bidon once
  • Bidons on the seat have been proven to be more aerodynamic than the cages on the frame

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is great for protecting you against the sun, but do you plan on reapplying it every few hours after you sweat it all off? How about applying it to already sweaty skin? It’s not ideal. Sunscreen also blocks your pores, affecting your ability to sweat & therefore cool yourself down.

What works for me:

  • Wear arm coolers
  • Wear a large cap/visor
  • Wear large sun glasses
  • Use a neck cooling towel
  • Use powdered sunscreen on legs, nose and ears

3. Lubrication

Whilst it is unlikely to bring your race to a screaming halt, it hurts! Imagine 10+ hours in a tri suit with sweat, salt water and maybe even some of your sugary nutrition on your skin?

To avoid the chaffe regret:

  • Stick to natural lubricating products such as Paw Paw ointment. Alternatives include a tried & tested specific sport lubricant
  • Put lubricant under arm pits, groin, neck, wrist/ankles (help remove wetsuit)
  • Consider placing a tube in both your bike & run transition bags if you need a top up

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