Hydration Testing

Sweat patch testing is performed in order to obtain the following results:

  • Sweat rate L/h
  • Weight loss %
  • Sodium mg/L
  • Total sodium mg/h

These results allows us to more accurately develop hydration plans which are individualised to your losses. Its important to understand that the way people sweat will be individual to them.

How is the test performed?

We get you to run at race pace (or as close as possible) for 30 or 60mins depending on what will fit better into your training program. There are 3 patches placed at the forehead and each forearm. We will take a pre and post weight, this will determine your weight loss % and sweat loss rate.

Why would someone do the test?

While cramping can be an issue when it comes to hydration, a decrease in performance or training is also caused by poor hydration status. Your ability to train at your optimum level will be impacted if you are significantly dehydrated. Usually with any Ironman athlete who needs a nutrition race plan, we will advise you to get a sweat patch test done in order to be as accurate as possible when it comes to sodium replacement. This is particularly important for those who are training to qualify for World Championship events eg. KONA. The decision to complete a test will come after a review of the athlete and whether the information that is collected will have performance benefits.

Who runs the test?

Tim, our Sports Dietitian, is trained to complete the test and is part of his accreditation. We use either Pro4mance or SOS Hydration sweat test kits.

Should I do a sweat patch test?

It is advised to chat with Tim first to determine if this is an appropriate test to be completed. At $99/test, we need to make sure that the results are useful and to be used within a nutrition plan. If you are competing in any endurance events where the temperature +/- humidity is likely to be high, then you would benefit from this.

It is important that you are close to race fitness as possible in order to gain accurate results. We advise that you wait until you are almost peaking with your training before completing the test.


There are 3 different options associated:

Option 1 – $120 – includes the sweat test kit and sweat analysis report

Option 2 – $220 – includes sweat test, report and an initial consultation to develop a hydration plan related to your event

Option 3 – $300 – includes sweat test, report as well as 1 x initial consultation and 1 x review to develop a nutrition and hydration plan for your relevant event.

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