Money Can’t Buy You Performance

Triathlon is a sport that sees amateur or age group athletes race alongside pro athletes. This makes the comparisons between training methods, nutrition and gear easier. Too many times as a coach we see athletes turning up to sessions or races with the latest gadget or information with no idea how it will impact them.

Marketing on social media is a big part of sport these days. Many companies don’t invest on television advertising anymore because they do it all through social media via their sponsored athletes. It works! We idolise them, want to be like them, train like them and even look like them.

Don’t get sucked into the media hype! This is often the best way to get injured.
It is not because Gomez runs fast in a neutral ON shoes that you will.
It is not because Sanders went vegan that you should too.
It is not because Lange swim 3km sets with huge paddles that you should too.

If you are interested in upgrading your equipment or need to alter your lifestyle or nutrition etc. please consult your coach. They have likely done the research or consulted with practitioners to know how it may affect your performance. This decision will consider your training history, injury profile, current fitness and goals.

GPC Squad have an excellent support network who can assist you in making these decisions or upgrading your equipment.

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