Running Off The Bike

Running off the bike is a skill unique to triathlon and multisport. New triathletes often find this one of the most difficult things to adjust to when starting out. Here are some tips to help you turn your triathlon run into a weapon not survival:

  • Spin your legs in an easier gear in the last few kilometers at the end of the bike leg to match the cadence on the bike to that of the run
  • Appreciate that it takes anywhere between 5-15mins to get your legs used to running after cycling
  • Avoid the anterior pelvic tilt of your pelvis by keeping a neutral pelvis or avoid “sticking your bum out”. Check out GPC’s blog on running technique for more information.
  • Increase hip flexion by ensuring your leg is straight at the back end of your running gait
  • Practice running off the bike in training at an easy pace
  • Use targeted sessions to practice run off the bike pacing. Be mindful that these place a lot of stress and load on the body so keep them to specific training blocks.

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