Turn Your Triathlon Run Leg Into A Strength

Have you ever gotten to the run leg of a triathlon and switched to survival mode?

Here are some tips to really improve your run off the bike in a triathlon:

  • Follow your nutrition plan on the bike – replace sodium, fluid & carbohydrate
  • Pace your bike leg to maintain speed, cadence & perceived effort throughout the entire duration where possible. Spikes in effort result in increased fatigue which will be felt on the run leg
  • Run off the bike in training often, especially when fatigued
  • Make sure you slowly build your run volume toward the target race distance. It may not be in one session (ie. Marathon) but split over a couple of successive sessions in a short period of time
  • Get some advice on your running technique to improve efficiency. Focus on holding one or two of these technique points whilst running fatigued. See our blogs on running mechanics & running posture.
  • Practice running at “race pace” off the bike in training or during non-goal events such as local fun runs, duathlons or mini triathlon sessions


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