The measuring unit of the acidity or alkalinity of the blood levels is called pH. At the cellular level essentially, acidity means the void of oxygen in the cells, and alkalinity meaning the abundancy of oxygen in the cells.
The body likes to maintain an alkaline level of 7.4pH (7.365). Which is an essential part in achieving and maintain peak health, as every cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen.

The body has buffering capacities, which only allow the pH to vary only small degrees either way regardless of how poor the diet is. Unfortunately, one of the body’s common ways to reduce this acidity is by leeching calcium phosphate from our bones to buffer/neutralize the pH back to a normal range. This is a very high cost to pay as it damages bone density and over time can leave to major effects such as osteoporosis.


Animal based products are acidic, animal proteins have more sulfur containing amino acids and when sulfur amino acids are metabolized they turn into sulfuric acid which raises the acidity level of the body.


By consuming too many acidic foods (or insufficient alkaline foods), you are putting a strain on the body’s buffering system. Having the correct pH is vital to the functioning of enzymes for digestion & your immune system and maintaining good bacteria levels in the gut.

Malabsorption of nutrients will lead to vitamin & mineral deficiencies placing additional strain on the body on top of day to day function and endurance exercise.

As mentioned previously, the amount of oxygen in the body is affected by pH. Research has shown that cancer and disease causing cells are predominately anaerobic (without oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Acidic blood contains significantly less oxygen thus increasing the risk of disease & cancer causing cells to multiply.

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Alkaline foods are more likely to be loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, omega fatty acids & fibre. They assist in boosting your immune system, reducing mucus build up, lowering cortisol, rejuvenating adrenal glands, reducing inflammation & assisting with digestion for increased energy supply.

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